No-budget filmmaking refers to the production of movies with a very limited or no budget. While there is no one, set financial bracket which is used to determine whether a production can be called “low-budget” or not, films made with just several thousands of dollars are generally considered to be examples of this trend. No-budget movies are typically made without the intent to make profit. As a result, production crew (if existent) and actors are rarely paid. Frequently, such productions are independently financed by the filmmakers themselves without the supervision and financial support of movie studios. No-budget productions are usually made by young filmmakers who are seeking to get their start in the industry but lack the means to do so on a bigger scale.

Due to the limited nature of resources at their disposal, filmmakers resort to shooting on-location and often without permission of authorities (so-called “guerrilla filmmaking”). Other popular practices include using amateur filming equipment and reusing old footage. No-budget productions are most often documentaries and art films. Although most of the projects do not make it onto the silver screen and are released directly on DVD, the no-budget genre has become so popular that many separate film festivals around the world have been created to showcase annually the finest productions in the field. Below is a selection of 20 films which are considered by many to represent no-budget filmmaking. The list includes short and regular feature films. None of the movies on the list have a budget that exceeds $32,000.   


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